Wednesday 10 July 2013

Seaside Soul

I came across all these photos today, taken on a trip not so long ago to Hastings. Inspiration can be found in abundance on the beach where the fishermen moor their boats. The tangled nets and colourful peeling paint, the dead fish and chalk board menu's. And there is always colour on the greyest of days. It has always inspired me in its tones and textures, in its man meets nature way.

It is little wonder that local artists such as Annie Soudain find their inspiration here and in the surrounding area. Her beautiful prints echo all that nature has to offer.

This seaside place has soul but you have to stray off the pavement and meander through the fishing huts and alongside the boats to really take it in; and don't forget to visit The Fishermen's Museum to really capture the history of the place. 

I dare you not to be inspired. Go on "Seas the day!"