Thursday 19 June 2014

For the love of Sylko

I love Sylko cottons. I love their exquisite colours. I love the names such as Dark Pimpernel and Light Petunia. They make sewing feel somehow glamourous.

Buying a reel is like choosing sweets. Bright or faded, golden or pale, earthy or vivid.

I love the wooden reels, the gold detailing on the red, white and blue top label. The simplicity of the blue fonts on white background on the bottom.

They evoke a nostalgia of looking in granny's sewing box. Of hours spent sorting them into favourite colour groups.

They have become an essential part of display in the shop. Like adding a pair of earrings or the right coloured shoes to an outfit.

The mercerised cotton thread was produced by John Dewhurst and Sons from the 1820's from their mill in Scalegill Mill, in Kirkby Malham.

I will always buy a reel when I see them (or 52 as I did this week) as the wooden reels are not produced anymore.  If I was marooned on a desert island and was allowed one item of  haberdashery? A box of sylko threads please. This is one haberdashery design classic definitely worth keeping.


  1. Wonderful product!. Do you think it´s possible use Sylko cottons for embroidery or crochet?
    I adore the colours!!!!!

  2. Hi Ana
    For embroidery definitely. For crochet you may have to put multiple threads together. The colours are amazing. They just don't seem to make them like that anymore.

  3. They are gorgeous! Just found your shop (online) and blog, via your IG account.

    1. Hi Phyllis. The blog has been neglected of late but hoping to get back to posting soon. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. I am compiling a list of all the sylko numbers and names, and found a couple I didn't have from your wonderful photos. I am also trying to collect the actual colours on wooden spools, although it is possible that the later colours were only produced on plastic spools. The highest number I am aware of is 483 (Wedgewood Blue), so it could take some time!

    1. Hi Caroline. I have a few lists now from various people who collect Sylkos so we are constantly updating those and adding to their collections. Light Heather is D532 which is the highest number I know of. If you want to send me a list you are more than welcome and I could help fill in some blanks. We are always happy to post out too. You can contact us at